Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Just when you thought you had read enough blogs...

Even though I have always had an aversion to writing a blog, the amazing Stu Bloom recently taught me  how to create my own so that if you are interested in the latest details about my cancer odyssey, you will be able to read it with a click.  This has the extra added attraction for me in that I can  avoid  (for those of you who paid attention in English class) becoming the Ancient Mariner.

Today I had a PET scan.  We went to the PET Scan office, and what seemed like a scene straight out of a Sci-Fi movie,  a tech in a white lab coat came out and said, “Here is your drink, Phyllis.”  While it wasn’t nearly as nasty as drinking Miralax laced with Gatorade for other lab preps, it took half an hour to drink.  Then I was escorted into another room where I sat in a recliner with my arm hooked up to an IV filled with some radioactive stuff.  I asked the tech if I would glow in the dark when I got home, and he assured me that I wouldn’t.  However, I  plan to test out my theory by going into the basement and turning out the lights just to make sure.  After an hour of this, I got into the PET scan machine, which had an opening large enough that my borderline claustrophobia did not kick in.   All in all, the whole process took about two and a half hours, and it gave me a lot of time to think.

I have been doing a lot of mulling lately, thinking about cancer and other stuff.  The other day I started a list of all of the things  and people that really annoy me,  but then I decided that I didn’t have enough space on my hard drive.  I realize that I could  I make a list of all of the thing that bring me joy, but somehow, that doesn’t seem as much fun. 
Right now I am imagining all of these little cancer critters having a field day in my system until the day that they realize that they are messing with Phyllis Bush.   Granted,  I am feeling pretty brave and badass right now, but who knows where my head will be when the chemo begins and  tries to kick the crap out of me.  I am just hoping that doesn’t make me as sick as Gatorade made me before my colonoscopy.

I realize that  I am making light of a pretty serious situation, but that is how I roll.  Cancer is a such scary word, and I understand that we all  project our own fears about things that seem out of control.   For someone like me who always likes to have a plan and likes to have things done yesterday, I am trying to learn how to be Zen and how to find my happy place.

Here are some random thoughts that I have had recently:

1. I lead a rather self-sufficient and  quiet existence with my pack (Donna Roof, Max Quigley, and MacGyver), and while having lots of attention is nice, I am not used to having people being concerned about my health and well-being.  
2. People are frightened by the word cancer.  While this is not my favorite word, I also refuse to be defined by it.  I am still the same person, who just happens to have some random cancer cells that decided to land inside of me. 
3. In the big scheme of things, there are lots of people who are worse off than me, and I am fortunate to have what appears to be an excellent health care team and lots of friends and family to support me.
4. Speaking of health care, I am appalled that  lawmakers are still trying to do away with the ACA.  While it obviously has its flaws that need to be corrected, it makes me wonder about people who are not willing to figure out a way to help those with health issues, but I will leave that for another blog.

While I have been away from doing my due diligence with regard education legislation, it appears as though the Indiana GOP has continued to micromanage public education.  Even though I am not surprised by any of it, I am disappointed (once again) that they appear to have no clue about what is good for children or for the common good.

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