Thursday, June 21, 2018

Archers Got the Power and Other Things

During these dark days when it seems as though reason and civility and kindness have completely disappeared from the planet, I have been heartened at the empathy expressed by many former Archers. Just like any "family," we don't always agree all of the time...and yet, even those with whom I disagree generally express their opinions respectfully.
What I loved about South Side was that we were a big, dysfunctional family. There were times when people made me crazy, and I wanted to smack them, but if anyone said anything about South Side or the people therein, I was ready "to go all South Side" on them. Such is the nature of families. Perhaps there is a lesson to be learned. We do not have to agree with others to care about their well being.
All of this reminds me of some favorite lines:

Within the circularity of it all,
the cosmic riddle of life and death and life again,
Each swan is always a swan with all its beauty and grace.
No frog would induce a jay to live its way.
Perhaps, therein lies the secret to peaceful coexistence.
-Author Unknown

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