Friday, December 28, 2018

Best Christmas Ever, Part 2

Not only was this the best Christmas ever, but I was lucky enough to win a MAJOR award:  a leg lamp that came in a box marked FRAGILE!  Thank you to my friends at Network for Public
education for this honor!

On a more serious note, I have always loved Christmas Eve services, but this year Sherlock and his partner Watson (a catheter) made it impossible for us to attend church. So, we contacted our church to see if the services were lived streamed (there is a an audio stream of it (     ). We were getting pretty emotional listening to the music because of all the memories of Christmases past. As we listened to the start of the sermon...................        he was talking about US! We were speechless! When we listened to the homily about Baby Jesus, when much to our surprise, he was talking about us!       His words humbled us and moved us and filled us with gratitude. In fact, we listened to the later service to make sure we hadn't just made it up. Being talked about in a Christmas Eve service, wow!       Our hearts filled with gratitude. While we don't know how or when this story will end, we will do our best to bring light and love and laughter and life into the darkness.

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